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Mario Pescatori - Italy

Honorary President


  • Specialized in General Surgery, Digestive Surgery and Endoscopy, and accredited in Surgical Coloproctology by the European Board, being a member of it.
  • More than 3000 surgical and endoscopic operations and about 200 indexed articles, mainly on ulcerative colitis, rectal prolapse, constipation, fecal incontinence and anal fistulae.
  • He first described the motor effect of transverse sigmoid miotomy for diverticular disease (BJS 1978), stapled rectal mucosectomy, the basis of the modern PPH, the evacuation pouchography on ileoanal reservoir disfunction, S ileoanal pouch with short efferent limb (Ann Surg 1985), lateroterminal S ileonal pouch (DCR 1995), spinal neuromodulation for chronic constipation (G.I.Motility , ed Wienbeck, Raven Press 1983), double muco-cutaneous flap for complex fistulae (IJCRD 1997), A1 -C3 validated incontinence score (DCR 1992), semiopen hemorrhoidectomy (TIC 2004), rectal pocket syndrome after PPH and iceberg diagram for obstructed defecation (CRD 2006), 3 degree endoscopicdynamic classification for rectal internal mucosal prolapse (IJCRD 1998), ileoanal Duhamel pouch for constipation (Coloproctology 1994), the role of PYY plasma levels in post-colectomy diarrhoea (Coloproctology 1995), spasm-related internal sphincterotomy for anal fissure (Coloproctology 1989), 0-10 score for the drawing-the-family test (Pelviperineology 2006).
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, member of the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, and ex-member of its International Committee, Honorary President of the Italian Society of Colo-Rectal Surgery and of the Mediterranean Society of Coloproctology.
  • Founder of UCP Club and co-founder of the European Association of Coloproctology. Editor of Techniques in Coloproctology, an international indexed journal published by the Springer-Verlag, and reviewer of Gut, Lancet, Colorectal Diseases, International Journal of Colorectal Disease, Diseases of the Colon and Rectum.






José Manuel Devesa - Spain



Current Appointments


Chief of Colorectal Unit, Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal,Madrid, Spain
Chief of Colorectal Unit, Hospital Ruber Internacional, Madrid, Spain
Associated Profesor of Surgery, University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Advanced Training


Clínica Puerta de Hierro, Madrid.1971-1975. General and Digestive Surgery
St.Thomas´ Hospital, Londres.1975-1976. Colorectal Surgery
The Royal Marsden Hospital, Londres. 1976. Oncologic Surgery of Colon and Rectum
Lahey Clinic, Boston. 1982.Colorectal Surgery
Mayo Clinic, Rochester. 1982. Colorectal Surgery



Doctor in Medicine and Surgery
Specialist in General and Digestive Surgery
Associated Professor of Surgery
EBSQ in Coloproctology



First Award of Clinical and Surgical Research of the Medical Education 1987-1988
First Award of the Spanish Association of Coloproctology 1988
First Award of the Spanish Spanish Society of Digestive Diseases 1992
First Award of the International Forum of Videosurgery 1992
First Award of Clinical and Surgical Research of the Spanish Society of Digestive Diseases 1994



Founding Member of the European Board of Coloproctology and regular Examiner of the Board ( 1998-2005)
President of the Spanish Association of Coloproctology,1993-1994
Honor President of the Spanish Association of Coloproctology,2005
Honor Member of the Spanish Academy of Medicine and Surgery, 2000
Honor Member of the Association of Coloproctology of Chile, 1992
Member of the Governing Council of the Mediterranean Society of Coloproctology, 2006
Member of the Committee of Experts in Colon and Rectal Cancer of the Commission
of the European Communities, 1986-1990
Member of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Association of Coloproctology,1986-1990

Member of the Editorial Board of Techniques in Coloproctology, 1996-

 Regional Vice-President of the International Society University of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, 2006

Member of the Editorial Board of ISUCRS Journal

Founding Member of the Eurasian Colorectal Technologies Association, 2008-2009

Councillor of the Eurasian Colorectal Technologies Association, 2009

Vicepresident of MSCP, 2010


Special Interests


Anal Incontinence, Colorectal cancer, Complex Fistulas, Pelvic Floor Disorders, Inflammatory Bowel diseases





Olfat Issa El-Sibai - Egypt







Present position: Professor of Surgery and head of Coloproctology Unite Faculty of Medicine, MenoufiaUniversity, Egypt

June 1965: M.B.B.Ch.

October 1967: Master’s in General Surgery: Cairo University

July 1980: Assistant Lecturer of Surgery

May 1981: M.D. of Surgery (Doctorate in General Surgery (equivalent to American Board of General Surgery): Cairo University

October 1981: Lecturer of Surgery

December 1987: Assistant Professor

1989-1990: Head of General Surgery Dept. of Menoufia University

January 1991: Professor of Surgery

January 1992: Visiting Professor in USC and UCLA, California

July 1994: Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine,  Menoufia University,

Since August 1996: Chairman of General Surgery Dept. and Head of Colon & Rectum Unit, Faculty of Medicine


During her post as a chairwoman of the department of general surgery, she established a unit for pelvic floor disorders (PFD) in 1996, for treatment of disease of coloproctology. This PFD Unit gives diagnostic services by EMG and manometric studies of the pelvic floor muscles and the treatment as well.

At the same time, she presents a training course of coloproctology for young surgeons of the department.

El-Sibai is a member of editorial board of international journal "The Investigative Surgery" in USA She is the president of Mediterranean Society of Pelvic Floor Disorders (MSPFD) & Vice president of International Society of University Colon & Rectal Surgeon in Philadelfia.


She is a member in the following societies:

1-    The American society of Colon & Rectum

2-     The Russian society of Colon & Rectum

3-     The Mediterranean of Coloproctology

4-     The European society of Coloproctology

5-     East-West Society of Pelvic Floor Disorders (China)


Professor Olfat El-Sibai is the first Egyptian woman surgeon; she is also the first chairwoman of a surgery department in the Egyptian universities.

Marital Status: Married to Prof. Ahmed Shafik, Professor and Chairman of Dept. of Surgery and Experimental Research, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

Two sons; Professors of Surgery at the Department of General Surgery of The Kasr el-Aini Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.


She has more than 155 publications in surgery and especially coloproctology.




Manos Pramateftakis - Greece


Education – Academic Distinctions

2003 State Examination Certificate in Medicine, J.W.Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
2009 PhD, Department of Surgery, Medical School, Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece
2010 CCST, Medical School, Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece


Current Appointments

- Research Assistant, Surgical Department, Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
- Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Surgery and Cancer, Division of Surgery, Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Research & Publications

I have published papers & studies, mainly in the area of colorectal surgery, most of them in international peer-reviewed journals.

I have taken part in many international surgical meetings as a participant, speaker or chairman.

I have participated in the writing of three books and supervised the editing of two of them.

I act as a reviewer for four international journals.







Salvatore Ramuscello - Italy








F. Cimino - Italy

Ass. Treasuser








 Antonio Amato - Italy

  Website Chairman

Education /Training

Medical degree at the University of Genoa, 1986.

Specialization in General Surgery at the University of Genoa, 1991.

Stage on Hepatic and Digestive Sugery - Service de Chirurgie Hopital A. Beclere de Clamart-Paris (France),

Prof. D. Franco; Master in Laparoscopic Surgery, University of Genoa;

Stage on Coloproctology - Policlinique de Chirurgie de l'Hopital Cantonal de Geneve (Switzerland),

Prof. M.C. Marti; Stage on Coloproctology - Service de Chirurgie Générale et Digestive de l'Hôpital C. Nicolle – University of Rouen (France), Prof. F. Michot ;

Advanced Course in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery - Institut de Recherche contre les Cancers de l'Appareil Digestif – Strasbourg (France).


1991-1993 Assistant surgeon, Dept of Surgery, Hospital of Sanremo

1993-2004 Senior surgeon, Dept. of Surgery, Hospital of Sanremo

2002-2004 Professional contract for high specialization in coloproctology

2005-2011 Head of Unit of Coloproctology, Dept. of Surgery, Hospital of Sanremo

From 1996 Chairman of the UCP of Sanremo.

1999–2011 Professor of Digestive Surgery at the University of Genoa Nursing School.

2000–2005 Member of Governing Council of Mediterranean Society of Coloproctology

2002 – 2005 Member of the Editorial Committe of Techniques in Coloproctology (Springer Verlag)

2004-2005 Member of National Committe on Coloproctology Units of Italian Society of ColoRectal Surgery

2006-2009 Member of Governing Council of Italian Society of ColoRectal Surgery

2006-2011 Chairman of the Website and Communication Committee of the Mediterranean Society of Coloproctology


Fields of research

Peritonitis – Neo-adjuvant therapy in rectal cancer – Surgery of colonic obstruction - Sphincter-saving procedures  -Lymphadenectomy in right colon cancer – Anal fissure

Author of more than 80 publications





Ferruccio Boffi - Italy

Ass. Website Chairman


  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1976 at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome
  • Specialist in "Emergency Surgery and First Aid"
  • Researcher at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome
  • Surgeon at the Hospital of Anzio and Tarquinia
  • Senior surgeon at the Hospital "St. Filippo Neri", "St. Spirito" and "N. Regina Margherita" of Rome
  • Currently, surgeon at the Coloproctology Unit of  "Ars Medica" Hospital in Rome
  • Author of 30 publications of ano-rectal and general surgery
  • Founding Member of M.S.C.P.  and S.I.C.C.R.
  • Past Treasurer of M.S.C.P.






Councilors (alphabetically):

F. Crescenti

X. Delgadillo

A. Odobasic

B. Ravo

M. Scepanovic

I. Shafik

A. Zbar



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